Thursday 1 p.m.

September 9, 2021

Granzella’s Banquet Hall, Williams, CA

Black Gold Bull Sale

Thursday 1 p.m.

September 9, 2021

Granzella’s Banquet Hall, Williams, CA

Welcome to This Years Sale

The bulls will be displayed at Broken Box Feedlot for your viewing from September 6th until sale time and to picked up there if you are bringing a trailer. The sale will be held at Granzella’s. Lunch will be at Granzella’s starting at 11:30 am and the sale at 1:00 pm. Both maps to these locations are below.

Sale Location - Granzella’s Inn
451 6th St., Williams, CA 95987

Black Gold Bull Sale Display
Broken Box Feedlot, 3168 Delphos Road,
Williams, CA 95987 in partnership with DVAuction

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(402) 316-5460 (Customer Service)
Holly Foster - (530) 570-0757
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Black Gold Breeders


Dan, Tom, Carl

O'Connell Ranch

O'Connell Ranch
Dan and Barbara O'Connell
(530) 632-4491
Daniel O'Connell
(530) 632-3902

Donati Ranch

Donati Ranch
Tom and Sally Donati
(530) 693-1634
Rocky Donati
(530) 693-1640

Wulff Brothers Livestock

Wulff Brothers Livestock
Carl and Heidi Wulff
(509) 559-2216
Charlie Wulff
(509) 995-7555
Chester Wulff
(530) 665-3777

Every September, progressive cattle producers gather in Colusa, California to purchase some of the best Angus genetics available.

Three family-owned cattle operations sell bulls in this annual production sale that will meet the needs of both commerical producers and seedstock operations, alike.